Keeping carpets clean can feel like an endless battle sometimes, no matter how often you tell guests to take their shoes off, confiscate juice bottles from kids, or clean the dogs muddy paws, your carpet can still end up looking grubby. Luckily, technology has improved drastically over the last few years, and now many deep carpet cleaning companies offer a range of solutions, one of those being hot water extraction. So, what exactly is hot water extraction carpet cleaning?

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) In A Nutshell

Hot water extraction is actually a fairly simple principle. The rug technician will use industry-grade equipment to inject hot water, at high pressure, into the stained fabric of your rug. This combination of hot water, combined with the force at which it is injected, will restore your carpet or upholstery, in a similar way to how jet washers clean paving stones.

The Hot Water Extraction Method

What is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning and What are the Benefits

The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning has been carefully tweaked and improved, and now the process goes something like this:

Water is mixed with gentle detergents and heated in the equipment’s water compartment. More often than not the cleaning products that are used are eco, child and pet friendly, but it is always worth checking.
The liquid is injected, under high pressure, directly onto the stained spots of the carpet. This dislodges them and makes it easier to clean.

With hot water extraction, the carpet cleaner professional will often apply a chemical that softens up and degreases stains even further.

The professional then uses the hot water extraction machine to suck back up to 95% of the moisture back, along with all the dust and grime that was in the carpet.

The Benefits

Hot water extraction uses little to no detergents, and those that are used are perfectly safe, so it can be suitable for those with pets, small children or allergies.

The water detergent ratio means that no chemical residue will be left behind.
Unlike steam cleaning and dry cleaning, HWE can refresh your rugs pile from head to toe, leaving it looking good as new.

HWE is suitable for a range of materials such as sofas, curtains, futons, upholstered chairs and more.