Are you concerned you might have pest problems? Do you think you might need to call in pest control? Here’s how to know for sure.

How to Know if You’ve Got Pest Problems

As a rule, pests have a tendency to make themselves known, so long as you know what to look out for you should be able to deal with the problem swiftly. 

Common signs of pests include:

  • Scratching/Gnawing – if you see marks on the furniture then this should definitely raise an eyebrow.
  • Sounds and smells – if you hear or smell something out of the ordinary then you should always be alert for possible problems.
  • Faeces/Droppings – if you come across faecal matter then this is a sure sign that something’s wrong and you should immediately contact pest control.

A Major Health & Safety Hazard

Before we talk more about what to do when you’ve got pests, it’s important to understand why it is that they’re such a problem in the first place – particularly for businesses with large numbers of employees.

From insects to rodents, pests can come in many shapes and sizes and can cause a variety of health and safety problems from physical injuries to disease transmission. Most workplaces have preparation areas for food which can easily be contaminated but pests can also cause damage to the premises itself, leading to serious accidents.

Furthermore, the damage they cause can be expensive to fix and hard to pinpoint. The longer the problem goes unhandled, the harder it may be to locate the source of any consequences which could cost you even more money in the long run as you hunt down those chewed cables.

When to Call Pest Control

Calling pest control might sound like a major step but when it comes to animal invaders, you’re almost always better safe than sorry. If you have any reason to believe that you might have a pest problem on your hands then you should act immediately by contacting professional pest control services and telling them exactly what you’re concerned about. You should also have an immediate hazard review with any senior staff and consider getting people out of the building as soon as possible.

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