Synthetic fibers: synthetic carpets are made from various multiple chemical compounds. The most common carpet types are nylon, polyester and polypropylene, also known as olefin. These fibers are far more durable and cooperative to carpet cleaning than natural fibers. These carpets need regular maintenance to keep them clean and in good condition.

Nylon carpet is the quickest and easiest carpet to maintain as it is durable and resistant to wear and tear as the fibers are more tightly packed than the other carpet types. This makes carpet cleaning quite quick and easy. Nylon carpet is not, however, that resistant to staining.

Professional Carpet Care Tips

Natural fibers: these fibers are created from natural grown materials which are harvested and processed into fibers. These materials include: wool, silk, cotton, jute and sisal and in the process of making carpets- wool being the most popular. Stains are harder to remove and fibers like wool can be extremely stubborn with stains as well as expensive to clean since they require professional carpet cleaning.

Wool carpet requires a lot of vacuuming to maintain its cleanliness. It also needs specialist products that aren’t water based, as wool absorbs water meaning it would take longer to dry. Wool carpets should never be cleaned with bleach as damage as this can cause extreme damage. Natural fiber carpets may also need specific products and techniques to clean making carpet cleaning more expensive and difficult.

Jute, sisal and other natural fibers are more sensitive to cleaning products and are not as cooperative when it comes to carpet cleaning. Plant fiber carpets such as these tend to collect dirt, bacteria and stains quicker and easier than other carpet types. They need more attention and delicacy when cleaning, this is because the fibers are not as touch and durable, this makes carpet cleaning a bit more difficult and expensive as you have to find sensitive products and use machines on the lowest settings in order to avoid disturbing the natural lay of the fibers.