Having clean windows can make a huge difference to your building. There are many benefits to having your windows cleaned regularly, from the overall appearance of your building to the increased light.

Why Bother Cleaning Windows?

The Structure Of Glass:

Glass is porous and collects dirt and grime, which over time can damage the surface and reduce light from entering the property. The build-up of pollutants can also change the look of the glass through smears, streaks and pigmentation spots. The main culprits for this are:
– Hard Minerals
– Oxidisation
– Acid Rain
– Salt and Grit
– Overspray

As this happens over time you may not notice the reduced amount of light entering your building, but once you clean the windows you should observe a considerable difference. Having the windows cleaned as part of your regular office cleaning can boost staff mood as they will be working in a light, bright space.

Heating Benefits:

In winter it can be particularly beneficial to have a lot of light entering your home, as this will help naturally heat your rooms. If there is a layer of grime and dirt on the glass this will actually reflect the suns UV rays, this process is exaggerated even more if your windows aren’t very efficient at containing heat, if they are single glazed for example. In winter it often rains more as well, and rain brings unwanted particles that form a layer on top of your windowpanes. This is more reason to employ regular commercial window cleaning throughout the year.

Ongoing Maintenance:

As with most things, if you want them to last you should look after them regularly to prevent sudden expensive repairs or replacements. Windows are the same. Removing these unwanted materials through cleaning is important for the preservation of your windows. Some studies have shown that windows cleaned on a regular basis will last longer than those that are not, as cleaning can protect from small cracks, scratches, mould and algae growth. Therefore, commercial window cleaning is a worthwhile investment to preserve your windows, saving you money replacing them in the long run.


Having clean windows also improves your curb appeal. This is particularly important if you are a business; people will often be peering through your windows to see what is inside and it won’t make the best first impression if they are leaning their heads up against sooty, grimy windowpanes. On top of that, living and working in clean environments boosts people’s mood and can have positive health benefits, for you and your family at home or your staff in the office.

How Often Should Windows be Cleaned?

There is no solid answer and it will depend on a number of factors. If you live in a city you will need them cleaned more often as there is more air pollution which leaves residue on the glass. Additionally, if your windows are part of a shop front or large office building that features a lot of glass, you will want to keep on top of commercial window cleaning and office cleaning as this is one of the first things customers or clients will notice about your business.

Simplicity Services can help you formulate a cleaning schedule that fits your needs. We offer everything from whole office cleaning packages to one off clean up jobs. Get in touch to speak to one of our staff if you have any more questions or would like a quote.