Simplicity Services offers office cleaning solutions for small, medium and large businesses in London. We strive for perfection, and we ensure you that your office or workspace remains professionally and consistently clean.We have many clients that rely on the quality of our office cleaning service and we are looking to build long-term relationships with each of them.

Professional Office Cleaning Service

At Simplicity Services we provide an excellent and consistent level of cleanliness that sells your business to clients and provides your staff with a fantastic working environment.
Our professional office cleaning team can provide a number of solutions for maintaining the cleanliness of your office space, be it large, medium or small, whether it is for communal spaces and private offices, fully commercial or live/workspaces. Our office cleaning services in London come at very competitive rates and we have flexible contracts tailored to your needs.

Washroom Supplies – We source high quality, affordably priced and environmentally friendly washroom supplies including

• Toilet Paper
• Hand Towels
• Air Fresheners
• Soap

Our Reliable Staff

At Simplicity Services, we have the necessary expertise in the office cleaning industry, and our highly-skilled specialist office cleaners have been working with many businesses from different industries.
At Simplicity Services, we have invested in a monitoring and auditing system which allows us to keep records of our staff performance on sites. We have rigorous quality controls in place to ensure that our reliable staff provides you with the highest quality office cleaning service.