Office cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining a safe and clean working environment. By hiring the right professionals you can ensure your home office is free from dust and dirt. But what is the process of keeping an organised office and maximising productivity?

How To Clean Your Office

Office Cleaning 101

It is no secret that offices can become filthy over time. After all, you and your colleagues spend all day there eating, working, chatting and whatever else. So unsurprisingly bacteria can start to grow and the mess can get gradually larger.

Here are some things we consider when cleaning your office:


This accumulates slowly and can be found in various areas of your workplace, such as window sills, monitors, picture frames and fan blades. Not to mention, your work desk which is especially susceptible to uncleanliness. We use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe all surfaces and get rid of any existing stains.


Using a vacuum is the most efficient way of removing dust from your office. Alternating between different attachments allows us to clean tight areas and suck up any rubbish from the floor.


Bacteria spread quickly around the workplace due to all the touching of keyboards, dialling numbers and even when using the coffee machine. A standard protocol is to disinfect all these areas. With the Coronavirus still around, this is a very important aspect of the cleaning process.

Being Consistent

All of the methods mentioned are useless for office cleaning if not done consistently. Cleaning your workplace once a month is not enough to maintain a fresh and odor-free environment. Commercial cleaning services at least once a week is the most sustainable and effective solution.

Don’t Forget About Organisation

You could have the best cleaning practices ever, yet your office will suffer if it is always a mess. Before you invest in office cleaning, find a way to organise everything. For example, keep documents in relevant trays and remove any accessories that take up too much room. Furthermore, keep a few rubbish bins in the workplace to make it easy to throw away wrappers, tissues, paper or any other unnecessary items.