There are many benefits of having clean windows as they make a huge difference to the look of the house, to the quality of the air you breathe and to the unforeseen costs that may occur due to neglecting this.
From cooking to the smoke from candles and fireplaces, the residual smoke lingers on the surface of the windows which you inhale.
A reduction in the natural light can also occur when windows are not cleaned regularly, and your home can start to look darker and gloomier.

From dirt, grime and general debris, all play their part in an unpleasant look of your windows. Keeping on top of maintenance can reduce the risk of stubborn dirt embedding into the windows, will keep natural light from streaming in and will improve the overall value and quality of your property. But, with all the good intentions in the world, when we do clean our windows we are often left with the dreaded streaks that are just as unsightly as the debris itself. So, how do you successfully clean your window without the unattractive marking and streaking that sometimes feel inevitable?

Choose the Right Ingredients and Materials

Do not use a towel or cloth that is prone to shedding; this will only cause more issues that will need to be removed from the surface of the window. Microfiber is a good choice for windows and won’t mark the glass as do blades and hard edge cleaners. Try to avoid solutions that contain alcohol or ammonia, these can often attract more dust and dirt, which will create much more work.

Timing Is Everything

Naturally, your instinct would be to choose a sunny day to get those windows sorted, and why not? Well, cleaning your windows on a warm day can cause the cleaning liquid to evaporate too quickly which can leave a residue that appears as the streaks we see. Do not rush the process, go over the streaks with a dry, clean, absorbent towel or cloth teamed with some elbow grease and the streaks should disappear with a little persistence. Rub the glass in various directions to stop a streak pattern forming.

Clean Water and Dry Kitchen Roll

If streaks are still on the window, rinse with fresh, clean water to remove all the solution and dry with the kitchen towel.
Start at the bottom to avoid water dripping down the glass and work your way up. This is a great way to eliminate streaks and get the job done quickly.

Whether your windows are bay, sash or sliding doors; frequent cleaning can ensure windows function properly, guarantees longevity, can protect against future damage and improves the overall look and feel of your home.