If you have an office building in London, keeping the windows clean can be a nightmare, especially if it’s a high-rise property.

That’s where abseil window cleaning comes in. At Simplicity Services, we offer professional abseil window cleaning in London, as part of our comprehensive contract cleaning services.

What is Abseil Window Cleaning?

Abseil window cleaning, also known as rope access window cleaning, is when trained window cleaners use ropes, harnesses and platforms to work their way down the building, cleaning the windows as they go. This is an effective, and safe, way to clean inaccessible windows

Why Is Abseil Window Cleaning in London Needed?

Even the Tallest Buildings Need Cleaning

London is home to a huge amount of huge buildings! When cleaning these buildings, a man, a van and his long hose don’t quite cut it. Abseil window cleaning means professional window cleaners can reach all of the windows, even those at the very top.

Safety First

Abseil window cleaning should only be done by professional window cleaners. These window cleaners are highly trained in rope access, they make sure every job is carried out safely and to a high standard.

Minimal Disruption

The last thing business owners need is disruption and distraction. That’s why abseil cleaning in London is so handy. There’s no need for scaffolding or cherry pickers, which can be distracting. Our team can get on with it whilst your team gets on with their work.

Cost-Effective Solution

While abseil window cleaning is a specialist method, and so a specialist company should be used, it can be more cost-effective than other options. There’s no need for scaffolding and cherry pickers which can be expensive.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for professional abseil window cleaning in London, get in touch with the team at Simplicity Services. We offer professional and efficient cleaning, at height.

We also offer a huge range of contract cleaning services, from abseil window cleaning to pest control and retail cleaning. Whatever it is you need help with, we can create a cleaning package to take care of it.