Whether you are working in the office or sharing space while you work from home, or you are one of the clean freaks, a fresh-looking working environment or house is very important for your productivity.

It is more than likely that your office space is cleaned regularly but that does not stop germs, and dirt appearing the next day after the cleaning was done. Follow these useful tips on how to keep your space clean, fresh and morale boosting.

Your Keyboard

Did you know that a recent study suggests that your keyboard is up to 400 times dirty than a toilet seat? It is down to you to get your keyboard clean and free of yesterday’s lunch crumbs. Try using a toothbrush and a non-abrasive gel or spray to remove all the dirt, and germs.

Out Of Sight Is Not Out of Mind

Areas such as drawers, cupboards and desktop organisers can be neglected. Use anti-bacterial wet wipes to clean out drawers, shelves and organisers and throw out any unwanted rubbish, used stationary or items that are no longer useful. Carefully organize the remaining items in order of use and frequency. That way, you are never scrambling around. Do this every 6 weeks or so for best practice.

Floors, Ceilings And Walls

Arrange for a deep clean every 6 weeks to 2 months to clean marks, stains and dust especially from floors, ceiling, and walls which all need special attention. Ensure blinds, curtains and railings are so thoroughly cleaned. The deep clean tackles down hard to reach areas while making the entire space feel fresher, and healthier.It is at this stage that the professionals can also tackle down the mould, grease, grime in the kitchen and bathroom.


Here is a great tip that many forget about. Often offices have plants, therefore, for those clean freaks among us, do not forget to clean the dust and debris from the leaves. Wipe down the leaves gently with a damp kitchen towel or a clean cloth and you will instantly see how the room elevates and feels fresher. Plants tend to improve the quality of the air in closed spaces like offices, so make sure they are taken care of.

Your Desk

Make sure you give your desk a good clean every week. Disinfect the surfaces, wipe down monitors and phones, dry dust books and folders and keep the area free from germs with a strong anti-bacterial wipe or spray. Dust, food, coffee, ink, outside debris and other hard to see dirt can build-up extremely quickly; regular desk cleaning is the best way to stay on top of unsightly messes and unwanted germs and bugs.

The Kitchen

The office kitchen is one of the hardest places to keep clean. Clean your mugs, plates and silverware as you go along. Check in the fridge for out of date items and make sure your employer gets a general and deep clean done regularly.

A healthy body, a successful day and a decluttered mind all start with a clean desk.